Nougat Nut Roll Bars

Nougat Nut Roll Bars

This gluten free, dairy free Nougat Nut Roll Bars are amazing! Even if you can eat gluten and dairy, they are so fresh that no store-bought candy bar even comes close.

You don’t have to coat these bars in chocolate however the chocolate coating does make the bars a bit easier to eat because everything stays enclosed.  Not only that, but they are delicious with and without chocolate.  If you wanted to coat all of the bars in chocolate you will need about 2 bags of Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips but if you only wanted to dip a few bars and leave the rest undipped you could just use one bag.

The caramel recipe below makes a full batch and you only need 2 cups or 16 oz of it for these bars.  The rest of the caramel can be stored in mason jars and kept in the fridge for later.

Gluten Free Dairy Free Nougat Nut Roll Bars

This is a big recipe, but you can break up the sections and do them over a few days.  You can make the caramel one day.  The nougat can be made on another day and on the same day you make the nougat you can assemble the bars.  If you decide to coat the bars with chocolate, you can do that the day after you assemble the bars.

If you do make the caramel early, just store it in mason jars in the fridge until needed.  When you want to assemble the bars, remove the mason jar lid and microwave until the caramel is pourable.


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